Thursday, February 27, 2014

Training cum Workshop on ‘Essential oil, Perfumery & Aromatherapy’ in New Delhi - March 2014

Training cum Workshop


‘Essential oil, Perfumery & Aromatherapy’

Organized by

Fragrance & Flavour Development Centre, Kannauj,

Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India, Kannauj (U.P.

1.           DURATION              :-3 Days (The Connaught Hotel, 37 Shaheed Bhagat Singh marg, New Delhi)

2.         PERIOD                    :8-10, March, 2014
3.         TIMING                    :-10.00 AM TO 5.00 PM
4.         INTAKE                    :-30 Participants


Course is designed to give an overview of the subject related to essential oils, fragrance & aromatherapy right from natural sources to application stage including quality assessment. It would be beneficial for cosmetologist, beauticians, scientists, doctors, aroma therapist, student’s traders & entrepreneurs who want to enter in this filed.


1.                  Business opportunities in Essential oil, perfumery & Aromatherapy
2.                  Essential oils their cultivation
3.                  Methods for extraction of Essential oils
4.                  Healing properties of essential oils
5.                  Application of essential oils
6.                  Quality control and analysis of essential oils including sensory evaluation.
7.                  Aromatherapy – Through the ages
8.                  Basics of aromatherapy & its branches
9.                  Evolution of Perfumery
10.              Olfaction Methodology
11.              Classification of odours and its evaluation
12.              Creation of fragrances
13.              Chemistry of carrier oils & Storage of Essential oils
14.              Blending of aroma oils with carrier oils
15.              Practical of creation of fragrances
                        Interested persons may apply with a brief resume on plain paper along draft of Rs. 9,500/- in favour of “Principal Director, FFDC, Kannauj at following address latest by 6.3.2014.

Fee    -Rs. 9500/- (Rs. Nine thousand five hundred only)
It includes course material, lunch & snacks
The Principal Director,
Fragrance & Flavour Development Centre, Min. of MSME, Govt. of India,
Makrandnagar, Kannauj-209 726. Web-site –
Phone-05694-234791,234465 Fax-05694-235242
Mobile:-09452630200,09918219743, 9415334050

Itra and Sugandhi Mela - Perfumery and Aroma Fair in New Delhi

Delhi Tourism & Transportation Development Corporation Ltd. (DTTDC) is organising e India’s fourth “Itra & Sugandhi Mela” at Pitampura, Dilli Haat in North West Delhi, from Feb 28th to March 2nd. Timings are from 11 am to 9 pm.
It is the only event that I know of which is held in the public domain in the arena of Perfumery, Aromatherapy, essential oils etc. Being a aficionado of everything to do with Aroma, I was delighted to discover it and attend the last such Mela, held three years ago. 

 The first such mela was organized in 201, attended by nearly 50,000 people at Dilli Haat, Pitampura. It is a little out of the way, except for those residing in West Delhi. 
The Mela consists of the following  
 Lectures, Quiz,  demonstration of rose water distillation and “Agarbatti and Dhoopbatti making”, sale and practical, demonstration of “Kuppi” making, sale and display of perfumes, itra and essential oils, competition of Itra, Sugandhi, wooden boxes and velvet boxes used for Itra and Sugandhi and Presentation of perfumes in traditional bottles etc. 

Support and guidance of following associations is also being received for organizing this “Itra & Sugandhi Mela :-

1.                  Essential Oil association of India, New Delhi
2.                  Fragrance & Flavour Association of India, Mumbai
3.                  The Attar & Perfumers Association, Kannauj
 And ofcourse it is supported and managed by FFDC, Kanauj

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How do you Feel?

‘How do you Feel’, maybe an often used phrase in interaction between two persons, but may very well be the truest when it comes to personal healing. For there is nothing more reflective of our circumstances, than our feelings.

The world whizzes by - sometimes slow, but sometimes at breakneck speed. Our surroundings are sometimes comfortable, sometimes full of obstacles, smooth or  bumpy, we are ill and sometimes we are on top of the world. But ‘How do you feel’ is what matters the most.

Our emotional response to situations is the correct barometer to measure our own health and our ability to deal with and face up to our circumstances.
Mercury is retrograde. So, how do you feel? Fearful? Anxious? Uptight? Confused? If so, rid yourself of these emotional responses to heal yourself and get confidence to move on.

I have used Essential oils of Orange and Basil in Sesame carrier oil. They have wonderful uplifting properties. Waiting to see what unfolds next!