Monday, March 16, 2015

ALERT! At Exactly 7:54 p.m. (PST)...

ALERT! At Exactly 7:54 p.m. (PST)...: Battle the chaos of Uranus square Pluto with insight from a Life Cycle Tarot reading.

Im sharing this as its interesting and puts into perspective the upheavels that have been going in the world in the last few years and also perhaps in our personal lives! :)

Monday, October 6, 2014

8th Ira & Sugnadhi Mela at Janakpuri Haat, New Delhii w.e.f. 10 to 12, October, 2014

Delhi Tourism & Transportation Development Corporation Ltd (A Government Undertaking) in technical collaboration with FFDC, Kannauj  is organizing a 5th Itra & Sugandhi  Mela at Dilli Haat, Janakpuri New Delhi w.e.f. 10-12, October, 2014. This will atract a lot of masses and platform for the persons intrested in  Essential oils, fragrance & Aromathearpy where new development/knowlege is being updated among the partcipnats of the Mela/Festival by live demo/stall/quiz/seminars etc..

This event can be used by you to 

1) Gain knowledge and update about product in this industry

2) Promote your product in capital of the country where nearly foot fall of 30,000 to 40,000 takes  place within three days.

3) make your children Learn even basics of the subjects. 

You can either put your stall where a rebate of 15% is being given to FFDC ex trainees and can simply  visit the mela at very nominal visiting fee.