Saturday, December 19, 2015

Make your own perfume oil for imbibing warmth and cheer in this holiday season

Create a special perfume oil to remain warm and full of cheer in the holiday season ahead. This oil can be dabbed  on the wrists and behind the ears and also rubbed on your hands so its aroma stays close to you and you can inhale constantly.

Blend 10 ml Til oil infused with Cloves and Cinnamon and add 2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil  
To infuse clove and cinnamon please see earlier post

The blend will acquire a sweet, warm and liberating aroma overnight. It would help in invoking feelings of renewal and fresh energy. It also gets absorbed through the energy field around you. Notice any changes in your perceptions, efforts and outcomes as you go about your tasks prior to and during the New Year.

Pls report your observations.

Makes a superb gift as a massage oil, when bottled in a pretty glass bottle with a piece of rope tied around its neck for the label.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Ginger Essential oil for protection against entities

A full moon, like the recent one, can throw light on dark shadows around you. Some things like Entities are hidden and dormant and can be revealed and activated when the moon's light is intense and bright. Keep yourself protected against their negative influence in the post full moon stage with the sharp and intense aroma of Ginger. Use Ginger essential oil in an oil burner or put two drops in a cotton ball and keep near you for protection. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Use tuberose aroma for experiencing joy

The aroma for dealing with  long forgotten tasks which crop up this fortnight would be tuberose or rajnigandha. It's heavenly scent is a mix of sweetness and a heavier woody smell. It's perfect for balance and for experience of pure emotions like joy. Old tasks are bound to crop up as Mercury begins to go direct, thus taking the lid off what was surpressed.
We have also seen two lunar eclipses last month. These were bound to clear the way for karmic tasks left unfinished from the past  to come back for your attention. The past could range from a few months to even perhaps lifetimes. Time to take them up in right earnest.